Monday, November 17, 2008

Hellz Bellz


So my long time friend, OG film accomplice (Fear Control Cinema: "X-FACTO" (1992) "Vertical Smile" (1993)) and world class snowboarder Rob Dafoe has tied the knot this last weekend to the lovely Jen... or should I say tied the noose??? Heh, heh... just kidding. The event held at "Bill's" ranch (the man who invented the bar code, I kid you not) was quite the perfect setting for the happy gathering. I did get to meet Bill, he and his wife were quite generous hosts. Not many can offer up a 19th century schoolhouse fit to the last detail as a chapel let alone claim one as their very own. I have to admit that was impressive as were the subtle modern design elements incorporated into their barn. Rob on the other hand is like me, a poor ass filmmaker. He and his new wife are so broke that when some one rings the doorbell they have to yell ding dong out the window.  Remember you still have a year to get the newlyweds a little something, why not buy Rob a copy of his own film, "From Ground to Glass", a very beautiful and stunning portrait of his quest to make wine while learning from those who have. I'm sure he would appreciate the gesture!